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Have you ever had the wish to find information quick and easy ? To be able to get text, reg, inf, cmd and bat files fast, and choose between them without having to use search trough the explorer ? or do you just have too many notes laying around your desk and you want more control ? Well this is just a little part of what freenote can do for you and it does it good.. Very good !!

Freenote is a note writing program that has been created with one thing in mind, efficiency! With Freenote you can create notes quick and easy and at any time. Freenote is not in the way, but resides in you system tray until you need it. Freenote is a strong companion for anyone who needs order in their scripts, projects, html docs, daily notes, etc. With Freenote you get the ability to sort your notes in groups and priority icons.

New features
The new version of Freenote has been greatly improved in almost all parts. New features has been added. Security is one of the things many users have been asking for. The ability to change note background color is another thing that has been requested. You can now write a note and execute it as an .bat, .cmd and .reg. You can also execute a link as is. That means that if you have a link to a html file you can just edit it and then execute it and see the result right away. 

If you are working with scripts on your network, development notes, project notes for your projects or just simply want order in your papers. Freenote is the right utility for you.

Try it and you will love it.
You can download a demo of Freenote 6.0 SE so you can see the changes and try the new features.

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ColourS Brick Collector.

Want to kill time in a fun and entertaining way? Want to play something else than Tetris and Tetris clones? Something that is as challenging, mind bugging and catching? If your answer is yes, then try downloading my latest creation, ColourS!

More screenshots

The Game
Connect as many coloured bricks as possible before you remove them. To remove bricks at least two equal coloured brick have to be connected. Itís not possible to remove bricks that are diagonally connected. The more bricks you remove at a time the more points you get.

It sounds simple. But when you start playing you will not let go again. This game is extremely addictive. If you are one of those people who like a little challenge then this game is the right one for you!

Four in one.
There are four different games in ColourS. All fun and entertaining. Hard Ball is a game with 5 different colours. In Ghost you have 3 different colours and a ghost brick that gives minus, may bee the least challenging game, but most fun. Mensa is maybe the most challenging with 7 different colours. Hunter is almost as challenging as Mensa. The game has 5 different colours, where one of the colours gives extra points. 

\$7 and the game is yours!
Buy the full game, with all rights for future updates for ONLY \$7.  

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